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(G1-9e) Delfield 0160179-S Hinge kit

SKU: 0160179-S $53.00 $43.00 You Save: 19%
  • Delfield 0160179-S Hinge kit
  • 0160179 hinge kit complete with brackets, washers, screw
  • The 0160179 kit is used on models:186114-BSTM, 186114-BUCM, 186114-PTBM, 18648-BUCM, 18648-PDL, 18648-PTBM, 18648-PTL, 18648B-BSTM, 18660-BSTM, 18660-BUCM, 18660-PTBM, 18672-BSTM, 18672-BUCM, 18672-PDL, 18672-PTBM, 18672-PTL, 18691-BSTM, 18691-BUCM, 18691-PTBM, 18699 PTB, 18699-BSTM, 18699-BUCM, 18699-PTBM, 18699-PTL, DCH-BS-27L, DCH-BS-27R, DCH-BS-58L, DCH-BSN-32L, DCH-BSN-32R, DCH-DC-27L, DCH-DC-27R, DCH-EC-68R, DCH-FS-48L, DCH-FSN-33L, DCH-FSN-33R, DCH-RB-45-38, DCH-RB-45-40, DCH-UCR-27R, DCH-UCR-75L, DCH-UCR-75R, F18DC52, F18DC60, F18DC68, F18DC82, F18DC91, F18DC99, F18DR44, F18DR52, F18DR60, F18DR70, F18DR79, F18DR87, F18FC43, F18FC62, F18FC70, F18FC78, F18FC88, F18FR35, F18FR50, F18FR58, F18FR66, F18FR76, F18RC119-ES1L, F18RC119-ES1R, F18RC52, F18RC60, F18RC68, F18RC82, F18RC91, F18RC99, F18RR44, F18RR52, F18RR60, F18RR70, F18RR79, F18RR87, F18WC39, F18WC47, F18WC52, F18WC60, F18WC68, F18WC78, F18WC87, F18WC95, F18WR31, F18WR39, F18WR44, F18WR52, F18WR60, F18WR70, F18WR79, F18WR87