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(G2-7a) Delfield 2194224 Thermostat

SKU: 2194224 $40.00
  • Delfield 2194224 Thermostat refrigerator
  • Delfield part numbers 2193910, 2194962 Ranco 9531N388
  • Delfield 2194224 Temp range 17° TO 41°F 35" capillary
  • 2194224 temperature control fits Delfield Models:402, 4048-ST, 4048-UC, 406, 406CP, 4427N-9M, 4432N-12M, 4448N-12, 4448N-8, 4460N, 4462N-18M, 4464N, 4464N-12, 4464N-12M, 4464N-16, 4464N-24M, 4464N-30M, 4464N-8, 4472N-12, 4472N-18M, 4472N-24M, 6025XL-G, 6025XL-GH, 6025XL-GHR, 6025XL-GR, 6025XL-S, 6025XL-SH, 6025XL-SHR, 6025XL-SR, 6051XL-G, 6051XL-GH, 6051XL-GHR, 6051XL-GR, 6051XL-S, 6051XL-SH, 6051XL-SHR, 6051XL-SR, 6076XL-G, 6076XL-GH, 6076XL-GHR, 6076XL-GR, 6076XL-S, 6076XL-SH, 6076XL-SHR, 6076XL-SR, 7048-M, 7048-P, 7048-S, 724, D4427N-9M, D4432N-12M, D4448N-18M, D4448N-8, D4460N, D4460N-12, D4460N-12M, D4460N-18M, D4460N-24M, D4460N-8, D4462N-18M, D4464N, D4464N-12, D4464N-12M, D4464N-16, D4464N-24M, D4464N-8, D4472-24M, D4472-30M, D4472N, D4472N-12, D4472N-18, D4472N-18M, MD1R2-S, MD2R2-S, MFR3-S, MRPT1-G, MRPT1-GS, MRPT1-S, MRPT2-G, MRPT2-GS, MRPT2-S, MRPT3-G, MRPT3-GS, MRPT3-S, MRR1-G, MRR1-S, MRR1N-S, MRR1S-S, MRR2-G, MRR2-S, MRR2N-S, MRR3-G, MRR3-S, MRRI1-S, MRRI2-S, MRRT1-G, MRRT1-S, MRRT2-G, MRRT2-S, ST4460N, ST4464N, STD4460N, STD4464N, STD4472, UC4460N, UC4464N, UCD4460N, UCD4464N, UCD4472