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(U5-1) Star Mfg 2J-8958 Gas valve safety

SKU: 2J-8958 $122.00
  • Star Mfg 2J-8958 Gas valve safety BASO NAT/LP
  • Used on Model: Fryer gas: 215B & 216 (S/N 2156323 & UP). ELEC: 116C & 116CL (S/N 1161491 & UP), 301 & 301HL (S/N 3010945 & UP), 510F, 515, 515(A,E,EA), 530(F, FA,T,TA,TE,TEA), EM14 & EM14DL & EM40 & EM40DL (S/N 1450521 & UP).