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Kason Walk-in Hinges

Kason Walk-in Hinges
Walk-in cooler refrigerator & freezer door hinges

The perfect hinges for your walk-in box. Kason’s most popular walk-in hinges are the 1245, 1248, 1255, 1256, 1074, 1277 made for walk-in refrigerators, freezers and coolers. With our always in stock guarantee! You can have the hinge you need when you need it at a discount. Kason is the leading manufacturer of walk-in style door hinges in the industry. Kason’s most popular are the 1245 & 1248 cam lift hinges. The 1037 & 1055 brass hinges are a great solution for outdoor use. No matter what your hinge needs are we have them at a discount.

Kason 1245 Series cam lift self-closing hinge
Kason 1248 Spring assisted cam lift hinge
Kason 1246 Cam lift hinge
Kason 1249 Cam lift hinge
Kason 1255 Cam lift hinge reversible
Kason 1256 series self-closing hinge
Kason 1255 & 1256 spring kit
Kason walk-in brass hinges
Kason strap style hinges