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Refrigerator Hardware

Refrigerator Hardware
Refrigerator & freezer door hardware

Kason door latches, door handles and door hinges for reach-in commercial refrigerators, freezers, under counter appliances wine cases or custom cabinets. In need of replacing worn or broken refrigerator door parts? We stock a full line of Kason’s refrigerator edge mount cam lift and spring assisted hinges, surface mount custom cabinet and refrigerator hinges, Edgemont handles and Surface mount latches all at a discount. Kason the number 1 food service hardware parts fabricator in the industry. We don’t substitute any Kason parts! You order a Kason that’s what you’ll get all in stock with same day shipping.

Kason 171 edgemount magnetic latch
Kason 172 magnetic mechanical latch
Kason 174 and 174B edgemount mechanical latch
Kason 531 trigger action latch
Kason 533D and 538 edgemount mechanical latches
Kason 930 and 931 series trigger action latches

Kason 139 series hinges
Kason 170 series hinges
kason 1071 series hinges
Kason 1268 edgemount hinge
We also stock other Kason edgemount and Component hardware (CHG) hinges