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Walk-in Cooler Hardware

Walk-in Cooler Hardware
Walk-in cooler door hardware & parts

Our Kason walk-in cooler, refrigerator and freezer door hardware's ALWAYS in stock program provides door safety latches, door hinges, door closers, thresholds, heater wire, heater wire covers, Panel plugs, Lighting fixtures all in stock and ready for same day ship. We also provide Component hardware group (CHG) Pressure relief ports, foot treadle door openers, Latches and hinges. Rest assured we have or can get the walk-in hardware parts you need to fix or build your walk-in cooler and cold storage box at wholesale prices.

  • Kason walk-in door latches
  • Kason walk-in locking handles
  • Kason walk-in door hinges
  • Kason walk-in door closers
  • Lighting fixtures and parts
  • Component hardware (CHG)