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(F5-6a) Beverage air 501-019B Fan motor

SKU: 501-019B $99.00
  • Beverage air 501-019B Fan motor evaporator (OEM)
  • 501-019B motor 5W 0.34 amps CW rotation 115V 1550 RPM
  • List of models: BM23, CRG24, ER24, EZA84, GF24, GF34, GF48, KR12, KR24, MT15, MT17, MT19, PR24, PRD24, PRF24-24, PRI1, PRT1, SM34, SP27, SP48, SP60, SP72, SPD27, ST34, UC, UCF27, UCF27A, UCR20, UCR27, UCR34, UCRD, UR30, WT, WTF27, WTF27A, WTRD27