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(F5-7a) Beverage air 501-148B Fan motor OEM

SKU: 501-148B $126.00
  • Beverage air 501-148B fan motor
  • 9w 60hz 115v CW fan motor
  • Replacement OEM fan motor for beverage air models: BB48, BB58, BB68, BB72, BB78, BB94, CFG-12, CFG12, CFG24, CFG36, CRG36, CRG48, DD50, DD58, DD68, DD78, DD94, DP41, DP46, DP67, DW49, EF24, EF24-1AHS, EF241AH 0001RCN, EF48, EF74, ER48, ER74, KF12, KF24, KF36, KR36, KR48, KR74, M10, MM14, MM27, MT12, MT14, MT18, MT20, MT21, MT22, MT23, MT27, MT33, MT35, MT38, MT45, MT49, PF24, PF48, PF74, PR48, PR74, PRD48, PRD74, PRF24-24, PRF48-24, PRI2, PRT2, SM34, SM49, SM58, SMF34, SMF49, SMF58, ST49, ST58, UCF48, UCF67, UCR46, UCR67, WTF48, WTF67, WTR46, WTR67